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Having a pen pal is a unique way to get to know someone.

This week I’ve been thinking about my pen pal, and I thought that I would share about her and our pen pal story! My pen pal, Sydney, and I just started writing letters to each other in January of this year. We are new to the whole pen pal thing, but it has been a T O N of fun so far!! :) Sydney and I met through Instagram. We exchanged addresses and wrote our first letters to one another. When Sydney and I sent our first letters to each other, we wrote about ourselves, our lives, and asked each other questions. We have learned so much about each other through our letters. And yes, we can text each other about anything, at any time, but writing letters to each other has a more personal meaning. Writing is such a great way to express your thoughts and share with others. Nowadays, I feel that people don’t communicate through writing anymore. Writing letters has become a lost art!!  I have learned that Sydney and I have so much in common! Sydney and I are in the same grade, and we have birthdays only a few days apart! Sydney is also a Christian, and she gets to go on her first mission trip this summer!! And I can't forget, she has the c u t e s t animals and participates in FFA!! In one of our letters, we wrote about our plans for the future and Sydney shared with me that she wants to be an Ag teacher. She is going to be an A M A Z I N G Ag teacher!! She will inspire students and S H I N E  Jesus' light in her classroom every day! <3 Sydney and I have shared our favorite Bible verses, songs, and prayer requests with each other along with our best moments and our struggles. We have so much in common and even though we are t h o u s a n d s of miles apart it feels like we are so close in our friendship. It’s the little things that you learn that you have in common that makes being pen pals so special! Sydney and I hope to continue writing letters to each other in the future and meet in person one day!! If you do not have a pen pal, I would highly encourage you to find one!

<3 Caroline Lee

Sydney and her goat, Zemi <3

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